Status Quo vs. NextGen

This powerful checklist reveals the FIVE key qualities essential to transforming your skyrocketing healthcare costs into manageable investments that are actually capable of producing a real-world ROI.

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Shiftshapers Podcast

Listen to our founder, Allison De Paoli share the art and science of helping employees understand their benefits, how important this task is to morale and engagement and how employers can benefit.

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Newly Published! Breaking Through The Status Quo

Do you think you can’t control your healthcare spend? Think you have no control over the status quo? That in order to provide quality benefits, you need to break your budget? Learn how you CAN control your spend and ensure exceptional care delivery.

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High Tech - High Touch Benefits Solution

How do you deliver fast, round the clock access to a physician along with 24-hour advocacy to help your employees find a provider, understand an invoice or EOB and help find the best price for a prescription?  By using a benefits app, of course!

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We can decrease our 72% medical renewal rate????

The renewal is a 72% rate increase due to two really large medical claims - totally unfeasible.

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We can do all this and not increase our benefits cost?

In this case, the employer offered only a very generous medical plan.

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Administrative Chaos!

We did not change any plan designs, we adjusted the communication strategy to group meetings…

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De Paoli Professional Services has taken care of us for 11 years. Allison and her team have always helped us communicate our enhanced benefits to our employees in a way that they understand and can make use of. She also helps to make my workflow simple and as minimal as possible. She is the best!


Business Professional Service, HR Director

You have been so amazing over the years and I want to thank you for all of your help. It would be great if everyone who represented their companies were as helpful as you were/are. Thanks so much and I hope to see you soon!


I am impressed by Allison’s command of real options in an impossibly complex healthcare system.

Kirsten Gallagher

KHG Communications









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